Tai Chi DVD by Master Stephen Hwa

Volume I - TAI CHI OVERVIEW (one DVD, 111 min.)

Volume I: Introduction to Classical Tai Chi (Overview), is a prerequisite before one starts on Volume II. The Overview provides an overall understanding which will help greatly in grasping the rationale, the logical structure, and the goals of the Form Instruction. However, this Overview, unlike most other tai chi overviews, does not repeat tired discussions of tai chi history and various family lineages. It jumps right into the technical aspects of internal discipline and classical tai chi. Every moment in the DVD is a challenge and discovery for even the experienced tai chi practitioner.

Features 40 minutes of in-depth demonstrations and tutorials on the techniques of using Internal Discipline to achieve internal movements and internal power mobilization. Contains ample examples and practice-moves to learn the techniques.

Presents how Tai Chi utilizes Internal Discipline in its unique approach to martial art. Demonstrates the fundamental differences between the external martial arts, such as Karate and Tai Chi.

Explains Tai Chi’s attention to the health and well-being of its practitioner and how practicing Tai Chi form using Internal Discipline provides the most important long-term health benefits. Teaches valuable pointers on postures and movements that provide immediate benefits in every day life.

Discusses the process of learning classical Tai Chi, including the typical experience of a beginning student to that of an advanced practitioner. Briefly introduces other forms such as, the Square Form, the Compact Form, and the Left-hand form, important in the learning process. Includes an excerpt from Tai Chi Form Instruction DVDs to show the depth, scope, and methodology used in these lessons.

Volume III – Classical Tai Chi - Tao of Martial Arts Applications.
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(4 DVD set, 440 min. PLUS a 2-DVD Set about Square Form and a Supplimental DVD)

Teaches the classical Tai Chi long form of 108 movements.

Includes lessons dedicated to the teaching of the Square Form, Compact Form, and supplemental exercises.

Offers lessons organized into several levels of teaching cycles, from beginner to advanced. The beginner’s level teaches the external aspects of the movement, such as position, angle, posture, and timing. The Square Form, which dissects continuous motion into discrete movements, is a vital component in the learning path. Read a Discussion of the Square Form and a compilation of the entire 108 Square Form moves.

Explains the general principle behind the movements and their implications for health and martial art application.

Presents a clear picture showing the consistency and rationale of the entire Tai Chi form. You will quickly grasp and appreciate the logical approach and sophistication behind the development of the movements.

Provides the same clarity of instruction as you will find in personal classes. For example, different views of the form are demonstrated. The back view, for instance, is the same as a student would find in a studio setting playing the form following the teacher by standing behind the teacher. Other techniques such as stop motion, slow motion, and close-up are used in key areas for easy learning. Master Hwa’s right arm and right leg are clearly marked to provide clear visual cues for and offers a quick way to show right and left.

Allows you to learn at your own pace: repeat moves as many times as you want, move more quickly through aspects you have already mastered.

Offers an instructional method based on Master Hwa’s years of studio teaching. Because of Master Hwa’s experience, the lessons anticipate many of the difficulties or confusion students encounter in learning Tai Chi. In fact, many students who have used Tai Chi Form Instruction find a sense of connection and engagement with Master Hwa, as if they were learning from him in person.

Students of the Classical Tai Chi series are invited to join an online forum where they can ask Master Hwa their questions and exchange comments and experiences with other Tai Chi students. Interesting discussions and a wealth of information are available on the forum that complements the DVD instruction.