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Certified bank check or money order (US dollars only).
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Volume I Tai Chi Overview
One DVD (111 min.) $29.00 - Quantity ____

Volume II Tai Chi Form Instruction
Four DVDs (440 min.) $140.00 - Quantity ____

Volume III – Classical Tai Chi - Tao of Martial Arts Applications (one DVD, 101 min.)
One DVD (101 min.) $19.95 - Quantity ____

Note: NY State residents add 8.25% state tax.

• One DVD: $7
• Two to four DVD: $9
• Five to six DVD: $10

USA - US Post Office (USPS) priority mail with delivery confirmation is used for mailing within USA.

Canada - USPS first class international is used for delivery

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_________ Tax (if Florida resident)

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Please make certified bank check or money order payable to Synerchi Publishing

Mail to:
Synerchi Publishing
P.O. Box 669244
Pompano Beach, FL 33066

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