Tai Chi Internal Exercise Video

Internal Movements of Classical Tai Chi help create and maintain vigor and strength throughout life not achievable by any other exercises. This requires intense tuning and sharpening of the mind-body interaction.

Learning of the 108 Long Form Tai Chi through Classical Tai Chi Small Circle Form Instruction Part I and Part II requires dedication and patience like any endeavor.

I was asked if students could reap some of the benefits of Internal Discipline without learning the entire Long Form. I have been experimenting with the Silk Reeling movements from the Long Form, and I modified them into simple exercise routines to capture some of these benefits. These exercises have been used in my classes with good results.


Now, all these exercises are in Internal Exercise for Power and Vitality. You can easily follow the videos to practice these exercises. Explanations of these movements are included in the first half of this course, and the second half allows you to practice like any exercise video.

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