Student Testimonials

CW. C., California
I must say that I thank Master Hwa every day for the wonderful tapes and lessons and the opportunity to practice this form. I feel like we really get a straight presentation on the depths of Tai Chi practice here.

J. R., New York 
The longer I'm with Tai Chi the more I'm impressed by a teacher's ability/desire to explain things to students rather than the variety of forms they teach. I think what Stephen Hwa teaches is THE best explanation I've come across in 30 years of doing/teaching Tai Chi and I've told him that.

Greg W., California
...In this 12 year period, I studied under four different well known tai chi teachers of Chen, Yang, and Wu style. Learned their form quite well, I think. But, always feel there is something missing that tai chi with such distinguished reputation should be more than what they were teaching. That was the reason I search out one teacher after another. Since I got Master Hwa’s DVD nine months ago, I know I finally find my tai chi home. I am enjoying the richness and depth of the teaching realizing that it will take me years to be good at it. But, that is what I expected to learn the real tai chi.

A S., India
Sensei, it is really a remarkable art & taught so beautifully by you. Though I have studied many styles of karate & ninjitsu never found anything so difficult or beautiful.

G&K M, California
We just wanted to thank you. Thank you for a GREAT teaching tape! Very easy to follow. We have about ten years of practice but have never seen a tape as good as this.

A. J., UK
This is an excellent tape with lots of information. Have practiced Yang style for over 10yrs- private lessons with a famous UK-based teacher, and group with others for longer. Was very impressed with this DVD- most tapes have no depth to their content, or teach very little that adds to ones own practice (same is true of a lot of Tai Chi instruction in general!).

T. M., Virginia
I am very surprised that I can learn from your DVD so readily. I was apprehensive about learning from DVD, since my previous lessons from a teacher in a class did not go very smoothly. Your teaching is so thorough and orderly. I also find that DVD's capabilities of play in slow motion repetitively at will and from different angles are actually more suitable in learning than classroom learning.

S. B., Oregon
I bought the intro and four forms tapes early last summer and have found them most excellent for learning the forms and the internal discipline—I have been studying regularly and steadily.

T. C., Washington
The key element, for me, is the "Internal Discipline" which Dr. Hwa presents so clearly. In my experience of trying out different taijiquan styles and teachers, this information and guidance on "internal discipline" is very rare. If you study Wu style with him, you're very fortunate. I had no idea that a direct student of Wu Jianquan's was living and teaching here in the U.S. I first read about Young Wabu in an article that appeared a few months ago in "Qi" magazine.

Y. Z., Singapore
Your suggestions are very good. I have downloaded all those forum files you mentioned. Those questions and answers on the forum are really informative.

M. B., Massachusetts
Since I have been practicing the tai chi walk for 30 min. to an hour a day, I can feel my body is like one. I am on lesson #6 and everything feels very good—a lot of the basic movement is starting to come together. Thanks again for being so generous with your knowledge.

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Uncovering the TreasureThe true health benefits and the foundation for martial arts application of Tai Chi can only be achieved when the practitioner incorporates "Internal Discipline". That is, using internal movements and internal power to direct and empower external movements into Tai Chi practice. This book outlines a methodology and training routine to achieve this goal.

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